How to Stay on Track With Time Blocking


You’re probably stumbling on this post because you found it on Pinterest. Oh, snap, you just realized you’ve wasted the last 30 minutes on Pinterest. Oops, welp scheduling your social media posts just got booted to tomorrow. This happens to me ALL the time when I don’t time block. I have long lines of things just waiting to be done, but if they don’t if they don’t get a space on my time blocking schedule.

What’s time blocking?

Time blocking is organizing your day by the block.


As entrepreneurs, we have long to-do lists that seem to roll out the door most days. It’s overwhelming, to say the least. Then we avoid everything that needs to be done by hopping on Facebook to see what your high-school BFF has been up to for the last 7 years.


Let’s be real, we’ve all done it.


I used to write my schedule down on pen and paper along with the times that they needed to be done. But recently, I found this handy app called Plan. I’m able to make my to do list, and drag those babies over to my day’s schedule.


I’m able to the assign each task a time and drag them around as needed.

Tell me about the ways you stay on track. Do you use other tools or a different way to manage your to-do’s?


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