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Another day of collaborating with amazing entrepreneurs and this time I had the honor of working with Miriam. We met over Facebook and our personalities and styles INSTANTLY clicked. Don’t you just love when that happens!!? She’s an amazing portrait and wedding photographer with a drive to preserve the magical moments for her clients. Oh, and she lives in GERMANY!!! I love getting to work with people from all over the world!

As we started chatting about her vision and her goals for her new brand design my head was spinning with ideas. At this stage, I run straight for the mood board process. I do this so we can have a visual representation to go off of for the brand I’m working with.

Miriam’s style is feminine while staying classy.

After I go a little wild with the mood board I started creating logo concepts and the remainder of her visual brand. Keeping everything above in mind, I knew she needed something chic so that she could display the fun, but elegant nature of her photography business.

Instantly she loved the second concept, but it, as is, was too edgy for her taste. I went into my little box of creation (AKA Adobe Illustrator) and toned it down and simplified the look and showed her two different concepts.

Nowww we were getting somewhere, frolicking through fields serif fonts and beautiful watercolor streaks she was in love. She loved them both so much that we combined them into one elegant beauty.

We then completed the rest of her brand board, the colors, fonts patterns/textures, view her complete brand below!


Miriam’s Brand Complete

Chic feminine and elegant brand design

Brand Design

I was seriously so honored to work with this amazing and talented photographer like Miriam! Her and I both are very excited at how this turned out and I can’t wait to see her put it into action! Give this lovely lady a follow on Instagram @luxandpoppy


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